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Thec0re is a website full of faggot kiddies that wish they knew how to hack. They use the tools of their betters and claim to be 1337. They are just 13 year old kiddies that jerk off in their basement room while talking to each other on ventrilo.
Thec0re fag 1: Hai, buttbud. Since we r on vent, lets jerk it. Tell me what your doing, and I will too.

Thec0re fag 2: yesh, is will beats it fors you, buttbud. oh yesh! oh yesh!

Thec0re fag 1: You know I love this.

Thec0re fag 2: yesh, mes too buttbud, mes too.

Thec0re fag 3: guyz i wanta do it 2!
by CaptPlanet91 October 11, 2009

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