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22 definitions by CaptD

A large puddle of vomit that drunks upchuck on the sidewalk as they stagger toward their vehicles for all to enjoy! It often includes large chunks of smelly multicolored bits of partially eaten food mixed in with their puke!
Hey watch out for that Sidewalk-Pizza, you don't want to step in that puke or you will stink up the car!
by CaptD December 15, 2010
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Shoe's on the other foot syndrome...

People who find themselves suddenly in the Minority when they used to be the Majority.
Many Republicans are now suffering from SOTOFS!
by CaptD April 17, 2009
3 2
Getting the Nuclear Industries way at any cost!
The NRC insiders were found guilty of Nuclear Bullying because they placed the Nuclear Industry ahead of National Safety.
by CaptD May 21, 2012
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Nuclear Ninja: Nuclear News Is Never Just Accepted

Too question everything that is NEWS about Nuclear!
The Nuclear Fascists say that nuclear reactors are safe but the Nuclear Ninja know better; on has only to look at the TRIPLE meltdown in Japan to that that is just Nuclear Baloney (NB)...
by CaptD January 01, 2012
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stands for Weapons of Mass Nuclear Baloney
The phoboggers were using WMNB to try and minimize the damage done to the nuclear industry.
by CaptD June 12, 2011
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Nuclear Greed is making money at any cost to Society!
The Utility was found to be guilty of Nuclear Greed by the Courts after it was determined that the Utility endangered local residents by its business practices.
by CaptD July 25, 2011
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The International Nuclear Industry working with all Governments to control the masses use of nuclear power and to limit the spread of Green Energy.
The people were held captive by nuclear fascism and not allowed to choose clean energy for themselves.
by CaptD July 02, 2011
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