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Profitganda is the use of phony "feel good" information to sell an idea, product or concept to the masses.
The Main Stream Media (MSM) used profitganda to try and convince voters that they had nothing to fear from the nuclear industry, despite their poor Safety practices and history of over charging!
by CaptD May 16, 2012
The nuclear industries (aka nuclear fascists) policy of donating massive amounts of money to insure that all levels of Government support Nuclear Energy to protect their market share despite it's enormous environmental RISK of yet another Fukushima, instead of supporting less expensive, NON RISKY Eco Friendly Solar energy.
Despite the public demanding decommissioning of their old leaking reactor, replacing it with lower cost, safer solar energy, the nuclear fix was in and the Politicians all voted for upgrading the old problematic nuclear reactor while also extending its license 20 years!
by CaptD April 04, 2012
An anniversary of adversity, usually borne by people of groups that are striving to exist against great odds.
We just had our Third Anniversity and looking back, we over came some big issues along the way.
by CaptD January 29, 2011
A large puddle of vomit that drunks upchuck on the sidewalk as they stagger toward their vehicles for all to enjoy! It often includes large chunks of smelly multicolored bits of partially eaten food mixed in with their puke!
Hey watch out for that Sidewalk-Pizza, you don't want to step in that puke or you will stink up the car!
by CaptD December 15, 2010
Delay by any legal means possible, for as long as possible... just because you can, because you have enough money to pay for it!
Don't Coleman-ize the health care bill; there are millions of folks depending on it's passage!
by CaptD April 20, 2009
The Big Energy Companies conspiring to limit their customers choice as to the source of lower cost Energy in order to maintain their market share and cash flow at record levels.
Southern California Edison (SCE) is guilty of practicing Energy Fascism because they refuse to pay their residential solar electricity customers the same amount, for energy they put into the grid that SCE charges it's non Solar customers for that same Energy when those customers take it out of the PUBLIC grid.

This "monetary difference" makes the Utility shareholders record profits while preventing many more residential customers from installing their own solar panels because of the very long payback period; this practice is used to maintain profits and market share from being reduced by the ever decreasing cost of home solar panels.
by CaptD April 09, 2012
What phoboggers try and use to sidestep the reality of all the problems surrounding Nuclear Reactors; (like Safety, Fallout and the harmful effects of all kinds of radioactive particles) usually because of their connection to the Nuclear Industry!
The Pro Nuclear Cheerleaders used plenty of Nuclear Baloney to make their case against the benefits of Green Energy; but luckily the voters saw through it and decided to end the construction of the new reactor before it even started!
by CaptD July 04, 2011

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