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combining the words douche and fantastic. being jealous with someone but truly meaning to give them praise.
Guy 1: Hey check out the new clothes I got for dancing tonight.

Guy 2: You are going to look so douchtastic in that.

Guy 1: Thanks.. I guess.
#praise #insult #mr. vinegar #douche #jealous #jealousy
by CapoNaples March 22, 2007
Someone repeatedly doing something or acting in an extremly cool fashion. Relating to what the cleansing douche is sometimes made with.
Guy 1: John is crazy, he busted out a no handed cartwheel, into a round off, to a forward flip and right into a back flip.. As if it was nothing.

Guy 2: He's been doing gymnastics for a while, what do you expect? If you want to learn, ask him.

Guy 1: Speak of the devil, here comes Mr. Vinegar
#praise #insult #nickname #douche #jealous #jealousy
by CapoNaples March 22, 2007
insult/compliment; someone that has accomplished something amazing. sometimes used during a moment of jealousy.
Guy 1: Hey, did you see the back flip John did in the gymnasium?

Guy 2: Yeah, freakin' amazing!!!!

Guy 1: I know right!?!?! He is such a douche!
#praise #insult #mr. vinegar #douchtastic #jealous #jealousy
by CapoNaples March 22, 2007
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