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26 definitions by CapnCrouton

An overly emotional and easily deflated male who cries a lot.
Joe was bein a sensitive sally last night cuz I wanted to fuck my girlfriend instead of goin drinkin with him.
by CapnCrouton May 05, 2004
The act of performing analingus on another person. eatin butt can apply to heterosexual or homosexual analingus; it can be guy on guy, guy on girl, girl on guy, girl on girl. In gay sex, eatin butt is more extreme than rimming; rimming involves merely licking around the anus with no insertion of the tongue, while eatin butt involves full penetration of the anus with tongue. Usually eatin butt is done to lube and loosen up an asshole prior to fucking it.
Ron dumped his boyfriend cuz the guy farted while he was eatin butt, and he got a tongue fulla scat.
by CapnCrouton May 13, 2004
an X-rated photograph of yourself that you send to people in internet chatrooms. same as X pic
lilslut69: what you look like?
mushroomtop: what's your address? i'll send you a nuddy.
by CapnCrouton May 19, 2004
An affliction, typically of post-pubescent males, whereby sebaceous glands in a region of the body become overactive once nearby skin is shaved with a razor. Affected regions of the body are typically the neck and near the mouth and jaw, though people who shave their chest or anus or pubic regions may experience razor acne in these regions as well.
I downloaded a shitty porn. The guy had razor acne all over his browneye and gooch, and they kept showing closeups. It was nadsty. As in, he shoulda used Nads.
by CapnCrouton May 13, 2004
slang for place of work.
yeah, honey, I'd love to bang you for a few hours but I gotta be at the pickle factory in fifteen minutes.
by CapnCrouton May 18, 2004
1. goin to a bar that has dollar (or cheaper) beers with twenty bucks, and gettin so messy drunk that you make out with anyone around you (sometimes more than one person).

2. goin to the strip club and gettin shit-faced and yellin at the hotties up on stage. the more booze involved the more of a good ole time it is.
1. last night at the suburban fag bar they had 50 cent drafts and it was trash-fabulous. I got ugly drunk an ended up makin out with some chubby Greek guy.

2. next week I wanna go to Madrigals and get trash-fabulous. the strippers there are hot after 5 beers.
by CapnCrouton May 31, 2004
The gooch of any shy and sensitive man.
Fuckin Tony is strokin his man-toris again cuz his 'girlfriend' won't talk to him, probly cuz he told her she's crazy.
by CapnCrouton May 11, 2004