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1. (n) inform. street slang for a "Xanbar", which is essentially 4 Xanax pills strung together.

Users typically take at least one bar orally (as snorting the pill is inefective), or mix a few pills with alcohol or marijuana.
Xanabars get you fucked!
by CapitolistPig August 16, 2005
1. Something that most people believe.

2. An anti-tobacco and marijuana campaign funded by stolen tax-dollars in an attempt to hide the truth about marijuana and to perpetuate the nanny-state. Syn. Government propoganda.
1. Son, are you a cigarett smoker, and you better tell me the TRUTH.

A:Hey man, that highly acclaimed genius doctor from Prestigious-University-X says marijuana is one of the safest substances ever to be used by humans.

B: Oh! Didn't you hear!? TRUTH says that its way dangerous. Like, worse than cigaretts or something.

A: Hmmmm... who woulda thought that guy was wrong?? Oh well... I supose the government always tells the TRUTH (definition 1).
by CapitolistPig July 04, 2005
Modern philosophy of government closley resembling Classic Liberalism, a philosophy of government which stresses liberties (economic and civil).

Libertarianism is a term for a philosophy that promotes liberty, i.e. freedom, which includes the civil freedoms to be prejudice, greedy, hateful, ect., and the economic freedom to be rich, buy anything, sell anything, have total rights over all private property. Thus Libertarianism CANNOT, BY DEFINITION, be socialism.

Libertarianism is the absolute most ethical form of government, specifically because it allows individuals to believe and practice what ever they want, such as live in exclusive socialist communities. Capitolism is not an economic system; it is the lack thereof, thus allowing any group of people to do anything to which the included people consent. This is unlike socialism, which requires everyone to participate, even if it is against that individual's will.
Lets review:
Libertarianism = good.
Socialism = bad.

Any questions?
by CapitolistPig July 05, 2005

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