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word used to describe a booger or piece of snot hanging within or from within the nostrils
She was glad she checked her look in the rearview mirror, because, sure enough, she had a very noticeable bedangler coming from her nose.
by CapableGirl July 15, 2006
an adjective that describes when one eye is straight and the other looks off into another direction
I thought she might be checking me out, but when she turned, I realized it was only her gwangle-eye doin' its thang.
by CapableGirl July 14, 2006
term used for the procedure undertaken by women attempting to beautify a sleep-alcohol-drug-or-sex-ravaged face; generally applies to women over thirty, but experience is more of a determiner than chronological age
Nancy, who'd had no chance to dehaggle, winced in the morning light as she saw the horror in the eyes of last night's Mr. Right.
by CapableGirl July 30, 2006

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