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The Anti Elizabeth Swann Movement was founded on May 2nd, 2007 by the Elizabeth Swann haters of the Orlando Bloom Files Message Board. Priding ourselves as 'the dark side that has seen the light', we spend countless threads exposing Elizabeth Swann of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy for what she truly is. With Lovable Larry as our mascot, and Kill the Beast as our slogan, not to mention our posionous cookies reserved for the Beast herself, we have truly seen the Pirate King for what she is. A lying, murdering, backstabbing, Tortuga wench that doesn't deserve the likes of Will, Jack or James. She has lips of death, since every man she kissed died. Even her father. The Anti Lizzies also gave Elizabeth the name of Ninja Warrior Barbie. Don't believe anything Disney says...it's all LIESSS!! XD

Besides, Anti Lizzies just have more fun.
Save a Will, KILL THE BEAST!
-Anti Elizabeth Swann Movement
by Cap'nTurnersQueen March 22, 2008

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