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Men's shorts that go down to the middle of the calf. Black. Made of material that does NOT unravel when cut, therefore, the bottoms are cut all zig zag to look rugged, but not unraveled. Also, made of material that sheds water rather than soaks it up. Good swim trunks and all round summer wear.

A skull & cross bones on the pocket is a nice touch. Pirates are very untrusting, so the pocket MUST be on the FRONT of the leg (NO side or back pockets) and is usually zippered for security (there are MODERN pirates you know).
If some chick callz me Pirate Pants "Capris" or "Cool-lots" are stab 'er in zee crotch wit' me meat dagger. AARRGGHH!!
by Cap'n. Jack Sparrow July 31, 2006

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