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3 definitions by Cap'n Dipshit

What one says when he is confused, puzzled, perplexed and or mindfucked. Is synonymous with the highly used "What the hell?"
"What in the hell just happened?"

"What the hell is that monkey doing fucking that dog like that?"

"What in the hell does that jew think he's doing trying to haggle that black man from his drug money?"

"What in the hell is going on?"

"What in the hell time is it?"

"What in the hell did you just do?"

"What in the hell? Why would you accuse me of fucking that transexual hooker by the pool at the sleezy motel?"
by Cap'n Dipshit February 22, 2012
One of the many different nicknames for sperm. When injected into the female vagina, and combined with an egg, it may result in another human being. Which may be hell.
Dumbass #1: Holy shit, I filled my girlfriend up with my love fluid and now she says we have a kid on the way!

Dumbass #2: Oh damn, that's not good! You better run!
by Cap'n Dipshit February 22, 2012
Another one of the many different "nicknames" or "terms" for semen. When it is injected or "shot" into a female vagina, and combined with an egg, it could result in the creation of another human being. Could also be shot on the female's face and or breasts. Or in her mouth if she chooses to suck your dick.
Dipshit #1: Damn dude, I shot my super juice all over that bitch's face! It felt so good!

Dipshit #2: My super juice shot in my face when I was violently masturbating. It was a pain in the ass to clean up.
by Cap'n Dipshit February 22, 2012