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A large gut/stomach usually caused after years of excessive drinking, or lack of excercise.
Dude, that guy on the beach...his Uncle Jimmy is huge.

Man, everybody's got an Uncle Jimmy with the size of his fat ass.
by Canute October 16, 2006
the act of excessive conversation
You begarble too fucking much! Shut your goddamn mouth!
by Canute October 15, 2006
A hot/attractive girl.
Damn, look at that girl over there...she's steaks & chops.
by Canute October 16, 2006
A middle-aged man, who has recently gone through a divorce and most likely has children, now decides to fit in with young hipsters to retain his youthful life.
Dude. That one guy over there is too old. He's like a dad trying to fit in with his kids by wearing a Vans and a Paul Frank hoodie. He's totally a Royal Todd.
by Canute October 04, 2008
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