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A half handjob, half bagtag. Usually performed under hammed circumstances when the woman's decision making is poor. Unfortunatly, when told to go faster the woman speeds up and smashes your nuts to peices. Also known as the HJ(handjob) Hodge.
"Man, she was giving me a handjob last night but her dumbass friend told her to go faster, and it turned into a sledgehammer."
by Canuck19 January 21, 2007
Short for "Reasonable." Only used in certain circumstances that requires the outburst. Pronounced in the DMac voice. Usually pronounced when 2 people say it at the same time.
DJ - "Man, I just saw Chelsey rub Emily's tits!"
DJ&Steve - "REAS!"
by Canuck19 January 21, 2007
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