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An anime made by Gainax (people who made eva). Maybe one of the most misunderstood animes (just because people find it so damn confusing)but is maybe one of the best as well.

FLCL is about a 12 year-old boy named Naota who trys to act like an adult but in the end, you can tell he's just immature. A woman named Haruhara Haruko runs him over with her vespa motorbike and bashes him in the head with a guitar, witch eventually starts making really weird things pop outa his head.

The anime includes giant robots, weird things poping outa kids' heads (it's not only naota) extremely rare guitars, panties and (to the untrained eye) just pain random shit.
"So Stacy, you goin to A-con?"
"Ya, I'm going as Haruko!"
"ZOMG! FLCL ROCKS!!!!!111"
by Canti, Lord of Black Flame August 11, 2005

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