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Thats what she said. This sentence is often used in situations where adding this sentence would make the conversation real funny and even change the topic altogether!
John, while putting the bait on his fishing rod: Whoa! This worm is BIG!
Peter: Thats what she said! (Or in texting, TWSS)

Example 2:
After the quick magic show, John says," That was quick"
Peter: Thats what she said!

Example 3:
John: You are a pain in the butt.
Peter: Thats what she said!
by CannonBalls March 16, 2009
before you give a guy a blowjob you fill your mouth with champagne and blow it up the guy's asshole. he needs to clench his asshole while you give him a blowjob, then when he cums he shits. the champagne enema makes the feces all hard and sparkly, like a diamond doorknob.
damn, allie just wasted half a bottle of Dom giving that bro a diamond doorknob!
by cannonballs December 21, 2014
Cat asthma
Dude, my cat keeps coughing. I think he has a hairball. No man, he has casthma
by Cannonballs April 18, 2014

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