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A long-haired hippie who bangs Demi Moore.

Hosts a shitty pop-culture television show called "Punk'd," but infact should host a show called, "Pussy-whip'd," which shows pussy-whipped males get 0wned by non-pussy-whipped males.
Lisa: OMGZOZRZ!!111 PUNK'''D SI ON!111

Intelligent people: Just stfu. We don't want to hear it, bitch.
by Canned Duck December 22, 2003
Anyone in general that gets off from BDSM or sadistic porn.
The Gatts watched his favorite BDSM video with his friends.
by Canned Duck December 30, 2003
Any newbie IRC name. You're never bound to meet a mature Vash on IRC.
Vash has joined #1337
<Vash> SUP ALLZ?!?!?!11
<Riddler> ...
<Vash> CaRTON NETWRK roKS MaN!!>!!
by Canned Duck December 30, 2003
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