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2 definitions by Candygirl23

Lame. Bleached blondes are so whats in now, i am a brunette and i am so sexy. blondes are dumb and slow brunettes we are sexy. blondes are stupid they dont know anything they dont have mor fun we do. i am really pretty i will dye my beautiful brown hair blonde no way! i would look really cute with blonde hair, bt i am really prety how i am.
blonde: i am so pretty i am so much prettie than u!
me: no u r not bcuz ur boyfriend wants to kiss me omg so there
by Candygirl23 February 19, 2007
A cups are the best boob size! For everyone thinking A cups are small, they are actually very big, and you are jealous because you're either flat-chested or you have like big fat saggy boobs.
Hawt Guy: Whoa, man! Check out that chick! Her boobs are huge! I'll bet she's an A cup!
Other Hawt Guy: Yeah! She's totally hawt!
by Candygirl23 February 19, 2007