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A guy who is fuck buddies with several easy women.
TJ is such a whore fucker. He slept with Kristina, Teresa, Lauren, & Taschika. He knows they're easy enough to give it up to him any time he wants.
#man whore #gigolo #dog #player #seed-waster
by Candy Grandpre March 07, 2008
A fierce angry facial expression that someone gives you, which puts you under the impression that they're gonna turn into a MONSTER & violently attack you. Most times parents give their kids this look when the kid has done something wrong, & the parent looks @ the kid like he/she wants the rip the kid's heart out. Or they might even give the kid this look when the kid interrupted them while talking on the phone.
Ta-Ta gave me the HATE-anger look when I accidentally spilled red soda on her fresh new white sneakers.
#anger #expression #threat #temper #intimidation
by Candy Grandpre May 18, 2008
Plain & simple. Someone who takes a long time to be able to understand or comprehend ideas.
Tharius is mentally special because he doesn't even understand SIMPLE directions!
#retarded #slow #dumb #stupid #ignorant
by Candy Grandpre May 21, 2008
Clumsy + dumb = dumsy
I just accidentally tripped UP the stairs. I'm so dumsy!
#clumsy #dumb #ditzy #klutz #absent-minded
by Candy Grandpre May 21, 2008
When you vomit, & the puke goes in every direction.
Jade is pregnant & going through morning sickness. This morning, she splattered ALL over the place before she could even make it to the toilet.
#vomit #puke #throw up #regurgitate #gag
by Candy Grandpre April 06, 2008
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