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Derp is a word used to describe a complete idiot. One good example would be Joe Dejesus, arguably the biggest Derp known to mankind. Other names he goes by are, Joe Skinhead, Milky and King Derp.
Example: "I've never lost a fight in my life" - Joe Skinhead
This statement makes him a Derp because he has gotten his ass beat multiple times.

Example 2: Joe Skinhead brags about everything. Thinks he knows everyone in every band, Thinks he knows everything about everything, thinks knows everything about the music scene.

Example 3: Enjoys Justin Beiber but claims to be a skin.

Example 4: Fat girlfriend

Example 5: mommas boy, plus mom and girlfriend call him Derp.

Example 6: humble and working class skinhead driving his moms cadillac

by Candrababy1991 June 25, 2011

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