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A white guy who acts black, and raps constantly about his difficult childhood in the "hood" although he grew up in a white middle class suburban environment.
That terpstra is wack! Raise the roof bitches.
by Candice Everhart January 13, 2008
Din, from the latin meaning soft, used in early manuscripts found in the Dead Sea to describe the curly hair growing from a man's pubis. Woody, which stems from the Hebrew for the penis of an Irishmen who's had too much to drink. Put together, a Dinwoody is one with a soft penis, due to "whiskey dick" or the overindulgence in alcohol which inhibits the nerves to a man's genitals causing a soft penal vicinity.
That guy couldn't do anything, he was such a fucking dinwoody.
by Candice Everhart January 25, 2008
A collection of usable objects for building or fixing things in a shed somewhere. Or, the use of "Bruder" as an adjective to describe a person, relates the idea that this particular sonofabitch enjoys "playing ball" before there's "grass on the field." WAAAAA!!!
"That bruder just got arrested for fucking 12 year olds."

"Oh man, what a sick fuck!"
by Candice Everhart January 26, 2008

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