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Fictional character used in prank phone call in the 1970s. Originates from the Friend children of the 6800 block of McNamee
"Hello, may I speak to Bell Fry Jones?"
by Candice's Momma January 12, 2012
An unplanned cesarean section performed by a person who has intent of raising the child as their own. Perpetrator has already gone to elaborate lengths to stage a "faux preganancy." Due to their families and significant others being addicted to meth, the perpetrator can make it the entire 9 months undetected.
Becky: Damn, Heather where did you get that baby from?
Heather: Well, you know I was pregnant remember?

Becky: I was just making sure that your little bundle of joy didn't come via a Jefferson County C-Section.
by Candice's Momma January 13, 2012
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