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3 definitions by Candace Thackerson

When buying Fast Food, the French Fries that fall out of their container and into the paper bag. Also known as: Bag Fries
Hey, are you gonna eat that spud rubble?
by Candace Thackerson May 05, 2005
The area on a screen that displays text when you are posting your thoughts on the internet, via a blog, or guestbook, or online diary or some sort.
Just wanted to write a new blog and post my thoughts on some webaper.
by Candace Thackerson August 13, 2005
When a person's ethnicity is Half-White (Caucasian) and Half-Oriental (Chinese, Japanese, etc.), they are soy milk.
Since Candace's mom is Chinese and her father is Danish, she's soy milk.
by Candace Thackerson November 16, 2005