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America: the land mass between Canada and Mexico, full of a wide range of people, some are nice and polite to those around them, but others are facist, sexist, racist asses that can't think about anyone but themselves. Not all Americans are like that, in fact most of them are really nice people, and those who have posted trying to stand up for their country have a really good point, In the fact that they arent that only ignorant people in the worl, there are ignorant people in Canada, and Europe, and every other single place on the world. It doesn't make them good or bad, It makes them human. And every one should stop criticizing them for being, overweight, lazy, illiterate people who don't care about any one but themselves. Although America came into the wars a few years before they ended, American soldiers still risked there lives to protect their countries as well as others. You may argue with this, and this is only my opinion, but cut America some slack, they are only doing there best to survive as a country.

American government however is one of the most corrupt in the world, they do things for themselves, they don't send their armies in to help anyone else until they themselves have been damaged
Not all Americans are Streyotypical, just the ones that are are the ignorant people the rest of the world loves to hate.

American Government however is the steryeotypical Ignorant people everyone knows about.

I am not American. I am Canadian, and proud of it. But I am also proud to have the United States of America as a neighbouring country.
by Canadian Guy December 12, 2006
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