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1. (n.) Also known to most of the world as Canadia, Canada is "America's hat." Canada is known for its immense maple tree supply, saying "aboot" and "eh?", and lots and lots of mooses.

2. (adj.) Super cool; most excellent; awesome

3. (n.) A hat (specifically a hat belonging to the U.S.A.)

4. (n.) One who has the quality and/or ability to talk in a Canadian fashion; One who uses "eh?" and "aboot" and mostly replaces "ou" with "oo".
1. "Hey, Jim, have you heard about that new Canadia -I mean Canada- place? I went there, like, last week, man!"

2. "Wow, check out that dude over there. He's so Canada!"

3. "Yo, dude! Check out that weird Canada-thing above us on this map!"

4. "Hello, guys. What was all that ruckus aboot at your hoose last night, eh?"

"Wow, he's such a Canada."
by Canadia Fan April 04, 2008
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