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4 definitions by Canadia

Obviously submitted by an American, as it's spelled wrong.
you need an example??
by Canadia January 16, 2004
82 65
Noun - short for MoleMan - A person who rarely comes out of their basement to do much of anything despite his number of friends and his pretty nice car. Moles usually stay in their basement and play on the computer or watch anime all the time. They are rarely seen to eat, and can be pretty fun if you can coax them out of their hole.
"Oscar Mike Golf! I saw mole eating the other day when I went to his hole. Sure it took him 20 minutes to answer the door, but hes so hott, hes worth it."
by canadia March 02, 2004
13 19
The mayor of Detroit, Michigan. Totally dominates Eddie Frances.
Since Windsor is Detroit's bitch, Wiindsor's mayor, Eddie Frances, takes it up the ass from Kwame.
by Canadia October 11, 2004
46 94
The small white Canadian city that cowers in fear of Detroit's big black dong.
Windsor is Detroit's bitch and always will be.
by Canadia October 11, 2004
47 206