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1 definition by Canadadry

A well known person on the FC boards on neopets, Usually a troll, spammer, or nerd on Neopets' Fan clubs board.
Most famous ones include

The Markinator/mark, a snarky and clever usual who usually posts one reply per board, sometimes a few more in a sarcastic noob format, and uses his signature default avatar and markinator signature;

Victoria_pennstate, a college student who often insults and trolls, Using the buzz default avatar with default font;

Hawk, A "grammar patrol" and Dragonforce enthusiast who usually has accounts that contain Dragonforce album names, She also has a purple spork.;

Fork, A popular and early FC star, who is rarely seen anymore, but spawned many lookalikes such as Blade, Knife, spork etc.;

Pic, A girl who often uses usernames like Pictitious, and most recently picdick. Around summer of 2008 she was accused of hacking neopets, but it was actually just a lag.
She is less famous for her name bur more for the l0l0l0l lag/glitch, which was also the name of her pet at the time.;

Rochelle, A board poster and troll, Best known for her 'Don't call yourself curvy or that there's more of you to love' fat bash board, which spawned a short lived guild titled 'SeaLard', Rochelle also promotes her 'dream of establishing Rocheligonia', She uses a rochelle signature with 'Captain or what?' under that, varying avatars.

Mieal, Constantly posts boards with random questions or life comments.

Pixotheaquadot, A rarely suspended Indiana jones nerd who often points out the flaws in people, usually on 'what's your favorite...' boards.
Default avatarist: No, sthu you infantile dweeb.
by Canadadry May 26, 2009
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