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1 definition by Can'tLiveWithoutAntoinette

She's stylish, gorgeous, sweet, kind, brilliant and powerful, basically gods gift from heaven. Everyone has respect for "Antoinette" Many envy, hate and are very jealous of a Antoinette. Antoinette's can be mean at times only to those who are disrespectful, mean, liars, ghetto and fake type people. If she's your friend she will have your back to the end. Antoinette is very picky and refuse to settle for less. They work very hard and will not let anyone stand in their way. They are very classy women who is somewhat a control freak but always get the job done. They play hard like men but always carry themselves like elegant classy ladies. You will do anything for a Antoinette!
1. Gotta have a Antoinette!

2. Once you have a Antoinette you will never give her up.

3. Why are you so angry? Because I'm not a Antoinette!

4. Sorry, can't do what a Antoinette can do.

5. C'mon be more like a Antoinette

6. Becareful because she's a Antoinette.

7. If you want to be FABULOUS you got to be a Antoinette.

8. Nothing like a Antoinette.

9. If you're brilliant you MUST be a Antoinette.

10. He will always say YES if you're a Antoinette.
by Can'tLiveWithoutAntoinette February 03, 2010
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