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A person with a very large top heavy head (cranium). In most cases the top half of the head is much larger then the bottom half. 80% of people with a Newt head, have little or no brain tissue. When they speak, they often hear an echo similar to yelling in a valley but they seem to enjoy it so they never shut up. Although not contagious, some people claim to hear the voices of newt heads. Former President Ronald Reagan mentions in his diary that he heard the ringing of a newt head once but perhaps he might have heard other instances of it but he couldn't remember. Although scientists claim that most cases of newt heads have come from the Springfield Illinois area. This could have stemmed from tainted breast milk. (see newt milk)
"look at the size of that newt on him"

Patient: "Doctor what is it?"

Doctor: "Well I have seen some cases of a newt head but never in the genital area" (see newt dick)
by Camshot January 20, 2012

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