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n. A serious nuisance on Sound Transit's Sounder Commuter Rail.
I was supposed to get off of the Sounder train in Puyallup, but there was a bicyclist in my way.
by Camp Lickalotta August 25, 2009
n. anybody who's overly concerned with martial arts, blaxploitation, and tough women. See tool
Look at that douchebag with the samarai sword and gun-toting girlfriend. He's a total quentin tarantino.
by camp lickalotta March 12, 2008
n. A shaggy metrosexual who can do no wrong in the eyes of hipsters, no matter how many genres of music he exploits or how many samples he steals.
Beck is the exception to the rule, because he never sold out; even when he did sell out.
by Camp Lickalotta March 10, 2008
n. 1. one who knocks farts
2. one who has the ability to penetrate gas with solid
3. one who can walk through a green cloud with no ill
4. one who thinks he/she has discovered a door, only to
realize later that it was a fart
5. a brown, smelly ghost
6. one who uses: lol, ur, prolly, teh, etc.
Bruce: Knock knock.
Bob: Who's there.
Bruce: Fart.
Bob: Fart who?
Bruce: Fart Knocker.
Bob: Fuck you.
by camp lickalotta March 13, 2008
n. adj. from the English "hip" meaning too cool for public school. Anyone beneath the age of 40 who gives a shit about Brian Eno, David Bowie, and Jorge Luis Borges. Typically majors in English, Visual Arts, or Film Studies. Wouldn't be caught dead wearing any shoe other than Vans or Chuck Taylors. Considers local bands no one's ever heard of more important than food and shelter. Considers moving from the suburbs to a former ghetto a justified version of "white flight". Can be seen in abundance in Portland, Oregon and Williamsburg, Brooklyn; and to a lesser extent Austin, Texas and Athens, Georgia.
I used to like The Flaming Lips, but my HIPSTER friend suggested that Cat Power was more my speed.
by Camp Lickalotta March 10, 2008

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