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2 definitions by CamoGirl

When you feel fat, bloated, pimply, ugly and just generally unattractive. A feeling that can sometimes be brought on by eating junk food, especially if other people are watching. Also that grotty feeling at the end of a night out when your makeup is all smudged and your hair looks like crap.
"I'm feeling a bit Britney"
"I don't feel like going out tonight, it's all gone a bit Britney"
"I think I should go home now, before the lights come on and people can see me properly, I'm looking a bit Britney."
by CamoGirl February 22, 2008
As in minke whale. Unattractive fat girl. Can often be seen wearing inappropriately tight clothing. Often associated with lack of personal grooming and hygiene. Flops around everywhere.
"That chick is such a minke!"
"I feel like such a minke in this dress!"
by CamoGirl February 22, 2008