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1 definition by Cammykins

A juggalo is, basically, an ICP(Insane Clown posse) fan. In, Behind The Paint, and ICP documentary, Violent J explains that while performing "The Juggla" (from the album Carnival of Carnage) he randomly yelled out to the audience "What about you Juggalo? Are there any Juggalos in here?" Since then the name has stuck.

The name refers to both males and females even though many females have adapted to call themselves Juggalettes.
1. "Where all my juggalos at?"

2. "I'll always have juggalo family" - Quote from 'Juggalo Family'

3. "If it wasn't for the juggalos, i don't know
Probably robbin' everybody in the world, fo' sho'" - Another quote from 'Juggalo Family'
by Cammykins May 26, 2006