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4 definitions by Cammo3000

After Drinking Bog. A massive bog you take after a night out on the piss. Usually really potent and stinky.
Fuck man, i gotta take an A.D.B! My farts stink!
by Cammo3000 September 27, 2005
The shortened form of the proper noun - Forest Lodge, a suburb in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Man - I live in the Flodge.
Girl - Flodge?
Man - Yeah Forest Lodge.
Girl - Oh, I live in Glebe..
Man - Don't talk to me.
by Cammo3000 September 05, 2007
To eat a girls pussy
Guy: I want to growl you out.
Girl: What does growl mean?
Guy: I want you to sit on my face
Girl: Oh. Ok, maybe later.
by Cammo3000 September 27, 2005
The way a New Zealander kiwi pronounces the word piss.
Yo bra, i gotta go drink some puss and take a puss and eat some fush and chups
by Cammo3000 September 27, 2005