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two words that can answer any questions.
joe: hey!
bill: hey!
joe: how r u?
bill: ur mom knows how i am. . .
joe: can u stop?!
bill: ur mom wants to stop . . .
joe: do you hav herpes?
bill: ur mom has herpes . . .
joe: shut up!!!
by Cami!!! September 15, 2006
A female who has bleeched blond hair with dark roots and darks eyebrows. Chongas usu. wear their hair pulled back in a tight ponytail using lots of gel. They wear large hoop earing and fake nails. they can be found in south florida (hialeah, miami). they wear tight clothing to attract people's attention. men usu. find them attractive while females think they look cheap and tacky.
fernando: that girl is hot.
talia: she's a total chonga.
fernando: i think she's fine.
talia: she looks like a cheap prostitute!
by Cami!!! September 15, 2006

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