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Getting Chris Hansen'd comes from the popular TV show 'To catch a predator' where Chris Hansen and the FBI did an investigation into sick pedobears who attempt to illicit sex with 13 and 14 year old boys and girls.

A decoy posing as a boy or girl would entice the man into engaging in a sexual act noting that he or she is a minor. The man would turn up at the location given by the minor and the FBI with their Party van and Chris Hansen would be waiting there.

The most notable and hilarious arrest was a sick guy who walked into the house naked wanting a 14 year old girl to 'perform sexual acts' with a cat and then 'fuck her afterwards' with the aid of cool whip.
Barry: "Oh shit, did you hear about Keith getting Chris Hansen'd?"
Gary: "Woah, really!?" "How old was the girl?"
Barry: "13"
Gary: "Pedobear much, did he get Party Van'd?"
Barry: "Yep, he is in court next week."
by Cameron8276 July 28, 2011
A phrase named after the ex-counselor and (in chronological order) Prime minister of the United Kingdom for loosing money , keeping your money scattered all over the floor, having no money management skills or compleatly fucking something up financialy
Person A: Oh shit, I just Gordon Brown'd my five pound note!
Person B: Oh no!
Person B: How much money do you have?
Person A: I have no idea; all the money I have is scattered around my bedroom floor and is in twenty pence pieces.
Person B: You Idiot! Did you sell all our gold reserves when gold was at it's lowest price!?
Person A: Oops, sorry, I guess I just Gordon Brown'd
Person B: You just spent £100000 in investing in cardboard tubes!?

Person A: Yes, it's a good investment due to the fact toilet roll sales are increasing.
Person B: You Fucktard we are going to go bankrupt; you just Gordon Brown'd us!
by Cameron8276 December 28, 2010
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