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best damn rock/metal band EVER!
ACDC rules!
by Cameron M August 12, 2003
1.A song from the sixties
2.Lost his Jengajam
3.Had his Jengaship shanked
4.Don't look now, he's just a friendly reminder
5.Thinks he won the powerball
6.Thinks Strong Bads name in Reggie and thinks Strong Sad is a rhinocerous.
7.Sure beats breaking up with him
8.The captain of the gravy train
9.Always has his best foot flowered
10.Oh No! He thinks the wrench is his favorite
11.The original ladies man
12.2 words: Legitimate Business!
13.So many more...
Homsars hat always lands on his head after it wildly flails in the air when he talks. If you don't like homsar, you obviously have no imagination or sense of humor.
by Cameron M August 11, 2003
some shitty excuse for a fighting game. if you want a real fighting game, pick up super smash brothers melee or soul calibur II for gamecube. those are fun games which actually have definitive moves, not like "KICK KICK KICK!" or "SONIC BOOM!!!"
wtf is this shit? tekken? isn't this some shitty arcade game that I can play at my local golf store?!?!
by Cameron M August 28, 2003

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