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another way of saying you like something to a huge extent; a way of showing excitment
"No way man, you got a new mustang! That's the tits!"

"Dude you know that girl i've been telling you about? the one thats a model?"
"i asked her on a date and instead she deiced we should stay home and get ronchy!"
"Dude, thats the tits man, props."

by Cameron J November 27, 2007
Can either be used to describe the act of having sex or smoking marijuana, easily confused and often awkward in conversations with people that don't know that there are two meanings
"Where's Kevin, isn't that his car?"

"Oh yea hes upstairs with jack doin the dirt."

"Wait, what? He's upstairs with jack... and he's doin..."

"No, no hes toking it up. yea they're definitely not getting freaky up there, or at least i'd hope not lol"
by Cameron J December 16, 2008
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