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A short abreviation for "I have had it with these mother-fucking snakes, on this mother fucking plane."
*You're in a zoo, in the snakes area* "Oh my god. It stinks in here, and IHHIWTMFSOTMFP"
by Cameron Beattie September 30, 2006
Counter-Strike Term.
The ability to harnest the air-acceleration to gain speed using the "Airstrafe" method.
If you play Counter-Strike Source. You may find some people in low gravity levels fly with ease. That's an example of someone that uses an 'airstrafe' method.
by Cameron Beattie October 01, 2006
Long Term: "Get on your knees bitch."
1) Used to insulting a female.
2) A demand
Girl: "Hey, can I borrow like; five bucks off you?"
Guy: "Hmm. No you GOYKB."
by Cameron Beattie September 30, 2006
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