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3 definitions by Cameron Beattie

A short abreviation for "I have had it with these mother-fucking snakes, on this mother fucking plane."
*You're in a zoo, in the snakes area* "Oh my god. It stinks in here, and IHHIWTMFSOTMFP"
by Cameron Beattie September 30, 2006
30 8
Counter-Strike Term.
The ability to harnest the air-acceleration to gain speed using the "Airstrafe" method.
If you play Counter-Strike Source. You may find some people in low gravity levels fly with ease. That's an example of someone that uses an 'airstrafe' method.
by Cameron Beattie October 01, 2006
7 1
Long Term: "Get on your knees bitch."
1) Used to insulting a female.
2) A demand
Girl: "Hey, can I borrow like; five bucks off you?"
Guy: "Hmm. No you GOYKB."
by Cameron Beattie September 30, 2006
6 3