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a degrading term, generically meaning "tampon" (see tampon), except much more offensive. if you use it, it means you are expressing extreme anger towards that person you are calling a tawtsponge
twatsponge1: omfg dude! did you see that guy that just cunt-punted your girlfriend!?

twatsponge2: DUDE WHAT THE FUCK?! that guy is such a fucking twatsponge
by Camel Toe (Chris the Almighty) March 03, 2008
the act of having buttseks where the male genitalia penis is inserted into either a man or woman's anus, without warning, and screaming "SURPRISE BUTTSEKS" upon entering the rectum
amy:so, jill as i was saying, i truly thing that the northern hemisphere should be considered new zealand and the southern should be testicleville
jill: but on the contrary, i do not bel--
mike:(while entering the rectum) SURPRISE BUTTSEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Camel Toe (Chris the Almighty) March 05, 2008
a mix between queef and douche (spelled doosh, for pronunciation reasons)

it is very offensive and should be used rarely, only if you get extremely pissed of at somebody, perferrably a holy person,just so you don't offend them. (as far as they know)

most people don't understand it, so they won't get it so you can get " lulz " from it, as long as you are associated with anonymous
fucky mcfuck the second: dude! bro! did you see that guy point to us while face the girl, then GIVEING HER THE BEST SURPRISE BUTTSEKS SHE'S EVER HAD?!?!
fucky mcfuck the second jr: dude! bro! yes! he's a fucking QUOOSH
by Camel Toe (Chris the Almighty) March 05, 2008

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