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2 definitions by Cambo against Jarred

A guy who has been out on the town and scored heaps of pussy......but hasn't had a shower.
Jarred:Man you smell like stale pussy!
Roger:Yeah I got wild last night.
Jarred:Wish i could get some...can i touch you Roger. Please!
Roger:Fuck off queen. I'm gunna go have a shower.
Jarred:Ah well...there is always my cat, Mittens.
by Cambo against Jarred February 08, 2005
9 17
A blow tard is a partially retarded person who is such a dumbass, they can be persuaded to blow anyone and anything. A perfect example is that twinky bitch Jarred.
Jarred are you sucking that pig off.....fuckin' blow tard.


Oh my god is that Jarred? What a blow tard. He once raped a pidgeon.
by Cambo against Jarred February 08, 2005
3 15