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The in & out or up & down motion of a woman masturbating with a dildo or sex toy. A derogatory expression used to describe masturbation done in a mechanical,fake or lacking in genuine enthusiasm.
That porn wasn't any good,all it was,was a bunch of chicks churnin' pussy.

I left that website fast when I saw all it was,was a bunch of models churnin' pussy for tips.
by CamZombie December 14, 2010
A pause or moment of relaxation taken at the peak of stress, frustration, anxiety. Used to restore calm or to ward off a full on breakdown or outburst. May involve the eating of a sweet snack (like an oreo cookie) that is high in calorie & low in food value.
After the boss changed the project deadline for the 3rd time, Kaylee had an Oreo moment. She sat at her desk, drank her coffee & ate some cookies,while looking at & speaking to no one.
by CamZombie December 20, 2010

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