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THe act of taking a dump in a burger or sub wrapper and leaving it in a restaurant for the public or a restaurant employee to find.
That waiter sucked so i left him a Hiawatha Snack under the table.
#hiawathas breakfast #hiawatha #dump #restaurant #burger
by Cam81 February 26, 2006
To take a dump in anything but a toilet for someone to find at a later date
I left my ex girlfriend a steaming Hiawatha to find if she ever cleans the apartment.
#hiawathas breakfast #hiawatha snack #dump #girlfriend #apartment
by Cam81 February 26, 2006
The act of taking a dump in a roasting pan and leaving it in someones fridge.
That bender I was at really blew, so I left them a nice Hiawathas Breakfast to wake up too.
#hiawatha #hiawatha snack #dump #roasting pan #crap
by Cam81 February 26, 2006
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