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4 definitions by Cam Krout

A talented glam metal band that's slightly punk but mostly goth, if you want to label them (and you better not, you bastards...) that used to be known as The Rejects. Murderdolls only has one CD, Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls, but the re-release has 6 bonus tracks and a DVD. The lineup for the dolls is:

Wednesday 13 on vocals
Joey Jordison (drummer for Slipknot) on guitar
Acey Slade (replacement for Tripp Eisen, guitarist in Static-X) on guitar
Ben Graves on drums
Eric Griffen on bass
Notable Songs:

"Slit my Wrist"
"Dead in Hollywood"
"Love at First Fright"
"People Hate Me"
"She was a Teenage Zombie"
"Die my Bride"
"Graverobbing USA"
"Dawn of the Dead"
"Let's go to War"
"White Wedding"
"Welcome to the Strange"
"I Love to say Fuck"
by Cam Krout July 26, 2004
Usually spelled "Shemhamephorash." It is translated from a Hebrew phrase meaning "the explicit name." It refers to a name of the Hebrew God. Most commonly, it refers to the name "Yahweh." It has also been used to refer to a 72-letter name of the Hebrew God.

"Shemhamforash" is also used in Anton LaVey's "The Satanic Bible" to refer to the LaVeyan Satan or to say "Hail Satan." It is commonly questioned why LaVey used a Hebrew phrase used to refer to a white-light God as a Satanic Statement, but today, "Shemhamforash" is usually used as a Satanic statement instead of Hebrew.
"Hail Satan, Shemhamforash!"
by Cam Krout July 26, 2004
One of two things:

1. Someone who skates for leisure, because he or she enjoys to skate.

2. Someone who skates for the purpose of being a "punk" or fitting in with some other group or label.
"Hey, that guy's having some fun skaing. He must be a good skater."

"That stupid kid thinks he's so cool just because he's a skater."
by Cam Krout October 21, 2004
Currently known as Murderdolls, The Rejects is a slightly punk/mostly goth band. But I'd look up Murderdolls to get more info. lol.
"The Rejects are now known as Murderdolls."
by Cam Krout July 26, 2004