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A term used for somebody who skips going to the gym on leg day because their legs aren't strong enough to work-out and then continue with their daily life.

Tends to happen to people when they have to stand in line later or do other things with their legs that would normally be easy, but becomes a strenuous task after doing a leg work-out

Is another word for Jason or Kinny
Eric: "You coming to lift tomorrow"
Jason: "is it core day?"
Eric: "Nope, its gonna be leg day"
Jason: "I have to stand in line later so I don't think I'm gonna come"
Eric: "Ok, Fairy Legs"
by Cam Bam the Man April 01, 2010
A sandwich that Stephen Colbert ate on his show, Colbert Report. It consists of two pringle chips with whipped cream in between them, similar to a sandwich.
John: "I sure could go for a snack"

Paul: "Why don't you make yourself a Colbert-wich?"
by Cam Bam the Man March 31, 2010
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