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Review of busaba eathai in London.
I have just come back from this place.There were three of us,we ordered Thai green curry rice with chargrilled chicken: The rice was lovely, a good size portion bowl size with lots of the chicken-delicious, grilled sword fish bit too thin the piece I had not very filling but very tasty with a lovely ginger lime sort of sauce (not too sweetish like a lot of thai sauces) with more of a chilli kick to it. Plain jasmine rice presented in a china covered bowl fluffy and well cooked. padthai noodles, huge portion and lovely taste.

Three starters chargrilled chicken satay the 3 chicken pieces were big and could have been a small dinner for someone not too hungry with a side order rice, the sauce was a bit too sweet for me but my friend loved it,

Busaba calamari, both my friends loved this and again I was surprised at the portion for a starter calamari dish-both friends strongly recommend this dish bit again I wasnt into the sweetish thai flavour. spring rolls: crispy, light but average small size-nothing special but bog standard as you would get anywhere else.

We paid 52 pounds between us including a mango lassi ,guava juice (delicious) ,and lemongrasse and something presse .Not bad at all for 3 people...once you have eaten the waitress gives you the bill to move you along ,but then this is not the sort of place you go to for the entire evening to have a after dinner coffee and chat as it is busy, bustling, the queue is right out on the street to get in. Lively atmosphere and sharing the table with others gives you an opportunity to see what the dishes on offer look like before you order! Despite the sharing of tables we were still relaxed and had a great time. Great place to go to and more than reasonably priced
by Calvin K July 10, 2008

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