2 definitions by Calvin Barajas

Fear of the number 13.
Tristadecaphobia had no effect on Ms. LaFave on the 13th: She won a very nice $6,000 jackpot from the Triple Play machine.
by Calvin Barajas November 14, 2005
Main Entry: meg·e·tar·i·an
Pronunciation: "me-j&-'ter-E-&n
Function: noun
Etymology: meat + vegetable + -arian
1 : one who believes in or practices vegetarianism with the exception of eating one meat meal per week.
Have you heard that Dave converted from vegetarianism to megetarianism! Yes, he now believes that it's the future and also that homo sapiens need at least a little bit of meat in their diet on a weekly basis.
by Calvin Barajas October 04, 2007

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