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6 definitions by Calum yiken?

The state of being slightly better than average, just enough to announce it as if its a mighty occasion. (The added 'y' being the factor which makes the emotion slightly more positive than the state of merely being alright)
Jen: How're you feeling today?
Biff: I'm mighty alrighty thanks!
Jen: HAHA!! Great!
by Calum yiken? April 15, 2009
8 1
The best brand of cereal known to mankind, consisting of baked and toasted currency in yogurt wrapped clusters.
Ian: "Hey Jim, what you having for breakfast?"
Jim: "Oh Ian, I'm having some Credit Crunch!"
by Calum yiken? March 31, 2009
15 8
A double contraction of the words 'what' 'did' and 'you', without the apostrophe claptrap, and ignoring the fact that 'cha' is an easily confused slang - literally meaning 'what did you...?'
Mark: I got my hair done last week!
Dave: Yay! Whatdcha get done?!
by Calum yiken? April 23, 2009
5 0
Sexually rubbing; the uninvited act of stroking one's cock on an unexpected pedestrian, or inanimate object.
Linda: Excuse me sir, what the fuck are you doing?
Creepy Man: You mean you dont like me cock in yer arse?
Linda: Are you FROTTING me?!
by Calum yiken? April 06, 2009
109 114
Jim: Where did you go for your holiday last month?
Don: Ahh i went to America
Jim: Ahhhh fat!
by Calum yiken? June 01, 2009
21 30
'For The Bants' - literally doing something for the sheer banter, or to achieve later banter with fellow banter seeking colleagues.
Eric: Here, why don't we get plastered tonight, you know, FTB?

by Calum yiken? April 25, 2009
27 53