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A person who is loose or a whore, though completely denies such claims. This can be a purely outward denial or a true delusion where they believe they in no way differ from most others in sexual partners. This can be a problem in many relationships, since today's early 20's harlot is tomorrows late 20's wife. Many a poor bastard has been trapped by these sluts and not known until it was too late. A good sign of this is when she has been caught trying to fuck everything that moves and her partner becomes protective, she will scream and shout that he thinks nothing of her and she can't believe it. These can be tricky, they will never understand why their partners are so suspicions all the time. High stress relationships are the norm. Usually, everyone who meets one will know right away she is loose. Give off a strong whore aura (see - haura ). We all know those girls, two seconds after meeting them, we know.
Delusion Slut "I can't believe you would call me a whore! Why do you always think I slept with every guy I meet? God, I'm not gonna sleep with anyone jerk. I am a grown ass woman and have more self respect than that!"

Poor Bastard "You blew a guy in the park because he walked up to you and your friends and asked which one of you girls was gonna suck his dick"

Delusion Slut "That was a long time ago, I've changed"

Poor Bastard "One of my kids isn't mine, I had to find out at work from the girls in the office. DNA test confirmed it. It killed a huge part of my soul"

Delusion Slut "God, you need to let things go"

Poor Bastard "I hate you, you don't even know your a damn whore. Your a delusion slut. I'm gonna define your whore ass and see if I feel better."
by Calopolus II August 01, 2011

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