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A 1970's Hanna Barbera cartoon about a 40 foot tall purple gorilla called The Great Grape Ape. Although the original series finished over 20 years ago Grape Ape is sometimes refered to in modern day cartoons e.g. He made a cameo appearence in an episode of The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy in wich he was a giant monster with his head stuck in a volcano.
Grape Ape, it burns, Grape Ape.
by Callum Hemsley May 02, 2008
The turnipple is a cross between a turnip and a pineapple. The turnipple has a typical turnipply taste. The turnipple can be used in many types of cooking including,turnipple stew, turnipple pie and turnipple turnipple.It can be found in a country called turnippleodia.
I really enjoyed that turnipple pie.
mmmmmm.... Thats some fine turnipple.
by Callum Hemsley April 23, 2008
If it has anything to do with sexual intercourse...... nobody really knows. But it is a term and/or insult used by certain people in North-Eastern England.
You fucking donkeyblocker.
Are you a fucking donkeyblocker or something.
If you wer'nt such a donkeyblocker then you would'nt be such a donckeyblocker.
by Callum Hemsley February 28, 2008
Doodlepop means the meaning of life. Doodlepop is the purpose of existance. Or at least that is what i was told.
Doodlepop. Hmmm......thats a pile of crap
by Callum Hemsley May 02, 2008
Rare, uncommon slang for head
I have toothpaste on my nappa.
My nappa is itchy.
by Callum Hemsley September 25, 2008
A kid that walks like a monkey, hides in trees, and sits in rubbish bins eating bananas.
You are a McMonkeywalker.
Today you are looking like a McMonkeywalker.
by Callum Hemsley March 01, 2008
Some stupid person than instead of going with their best friends 'jyde off' with someone else and just generelly be a prick.
Sly off, sly off, jyde, jyde, jyde.
You are officialy a jyde.
You are a stupid smelly jyde chipmink.
They are all jyding off.

by Callum Hemsley May 02, 2008

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