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It stands for "Fuck my Life". There are times when theres nothing else to say but that.
Randy: Thank God its Saturday tomorrow.
Buck: Dude its Wednesday tomorrow.
Randy: Arrhhh FML.
by Call me Nothing January 27, 2010
The act of standing around like a lemon.
Brian- Hurry the hell up, I been Lemoning for the past half hour!

Paul- Sorry Mush.
by Call Me Nothing January 27, 2010
You say "yeah oh well" when you just dont give a shit. No matter how important something is.
Mr Right: I'd put some effort into your work if I was you, your exams in less than a week and your currently achieving an E.

Mr Simple: Yeah oh well...its only life.
by Call me Nothing February 01, 2010
Slang term for the Snooker player Mark Allen, as he goes down for a pot his chin Manoeuvres to rest on the sliding cue, causing him to have a Crooked Face. No dis-credit to him, his a great player but who else can move their chin like that? Its got a mind of its own.
John Parrott: As you can see here with Marks cueing action his chin moves to allow for better aiming in the long pots. Unorthodox but it works for the lad. Good on ya Crooked Face!
by Call me Nothing January 27, 2010
The act of cumming after a month without.
Tom: I Spuewed my Custard yesterday after a month cold turkey, omg the relief.
Glen: I know what you mean, to Spuew your Custard rocks.
by Call me Nothing January 27, 2010
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