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College in bumfuck nowhere of western north carolina. Easy as fuck to get into and cheap. Activities for first year freshmen includes drug overdoseing, alcohol poisoning, and general getting busted. The first year away from home means they go crazy with the new freedom and next thing you know their stomach is geting pumped. This is why the EMS trucks and cop cars are outside the freshmen dorms 5 nights a week minimum.
Typical Night at Western Carolina University:

Upperclassman Catamount: "There goes EMS."
Fellow Pothead: "Where do you think their going?"
Upperclassman Catamount: "You have to ask? The freshmen dorm of course!!"


Upperclassman Catamount: "See I was right! You owe me some head!"
by Call me Joker May 26, 2008
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