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The act of ramming one's own ass with the tusk of a dead (or live) elephant. One may tusk oneself, be tusked by a partner, or tusk a partner.
Ponsonby and the other English aristocrats ended their trunking extravaganza at the onset of golden African dusk. Their dicks sore and swollen, they turned from the dead elephant remains and limped to their truck to get back to camp before the jackals arrived. His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, who had snapped off a massive tusk during the tusking frenzy, clubbed the base of Lord Melbury's skull and tusked the hell out of the unconscious man's pitiful asshole. The tusk was brutally shoved through the knickers and plunged deep, removed, and plunged again. This being an act of affection among the privileged, the others joined in. Sir Fredricks tusked the hell out of Baron Warwick, Fortesque received two tusks, Ponsonby tusked himself to tears, and so on. The majestic ivory of God's great beast was stained with shit containing caviar and quail eggs (no doubt) as the moon rose bringing twinkles to the eyes of watching hyenas, who mistook the wails of glee-infused pain as mating calls.

This occasion marks the birth of tusking. Some religions have considered including a good tusking in certain rites of passage, and those who work for Fox News are required to tusk and be tusked for a minimum of 30 minutes/day.
Both women and men can tusk and be tusked.
#tusk #tusking #alsoseetrunking #ivoryenima #abomination
by Caligulananda September 01, 2010
The act of fucking the trunk of a dead (or live) elephant.

This feat can only be done by a man. Strap-ons DO NOT COUNT ladies.
Ponsonby and the rest of the English aristocrats on African safari have just killed an old male elephant, and there is no doubt that the first thought in their minds was to trunk for the rest of the afternoon. This abomination included barons and earls of high society viciously blitzkrieging their dicks up the formidable nasal instrument of Earth's finest beast.

Trunking with a live elephant, while not totally out of the question, has never been done.
#nasalcleansing #abomination #trunkfucker #wrathofman #trunking
by Caligulananda August 24, 2010
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